Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ever wondered....................Guardian Clash!

Ever wondered who win in a battle?:

Santa Claus vs The Boogeyman
The Tooth Fairy vs. the Easter Bunny
Jack Frost vs The Great Pumpkin

These are the questions I plan to answer in the next great fighting game:

The Plan:

I hope to be able to show a prototype of the game to potential publishers at the Game Developers Conference.  However, if I don't get any of them to bite, plan B is to show a version of it at this year's Texas Showdown Fighting Game Tournament.

Between now and then, I plan to show the game as it is being developed.

The journey continues.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Journey Begins

A long and drawn-out back story. From the first day I played Street Fighter II at my local Fiesta Supermarket back in 1991, I dreamed of designing a fighting game. I remember getting "Salty" because I was losing all the time until I got good with Chun-Li. Then I discovered how to be cerebral with Dhalsim and how to read my opponents.

From that day forward, fighting games became my favorite game genre. I worked in corporate America for a few years after graduating college. But then the game design bug bit me and I couldn't thank of anything else since. I taught myself how to use 3ds Max and eventually Maya in order to produce game art. I would spend the 14 years honing my craft and making connections in the game industry. I now teach 3D Animation at Houston Community College and Game Art & Design at the Art Institute of Houston to pay my bills while helping to make smaller games and apps on the side.

However, with the resurrection of fighting games as a popular (but some what niche) game genre, I once again began to dream of a fighting game that I created. Life is all about opportunity.

Opportunity came when a gentleman by the name of Daniel Esteves began to create a fighting game frame work for the Unity3D Game Engine. I have been using the Unity3d engine since 2009, so I was well versed in how to use it. I knew I wanted in on this venture so I approached Daniel with any help that he needed to get the frame work off the ground. What this now meant was that I can now realize my dream and I plan to go for it.

TL:DR - I'm making a fighting game, and I plan to make the best fighting game possible. I plan to blog my journey since I have Game Art & Design students who are interested in making a fighting game as well. You'll get to see every trip and screw up, every success and failure. And I plan to have as much fun as I can making it happen. Nothing to it, but to do it.